Counterclaim: A Field Guide for Christian Resistance is a tool for community building, spiritual development, faith-based organizing, and discipleship. It is intended to encourage the church (the whole church! with all of its members!) to adopt the gospel teachings of Jesus through actual, real-life conversion of perspective, word, action, and relationship. But maybe you’re already building community, making time for personal spiritual growth, and connecting with others who have a shared vision. That’s great!… Counterclaim is still for you, too.

Besides offering resources for people who are just beginning the rabbit-trail-y path of radical Christianity, it’s also meant to support those already-on-it and encourage further involvement in projects and movements. When used as prescribed, it can agitate you toward doing; help you learn to balance spiritual practice with action; connect with others also on the journey; give you additional tools for the work you’re already doing (or dreaming of doing); make you a better disciple.

All right, I know! Your actual question: But what is it?

You know how in the book of Revelation John tries to describe things the best he can, but he can really only describe the likeness of what he sees? and piecemeal, at that? Well, here’s what I can come up with to describe it:

It’s a reader. It’s a bound publication with useful and inspiring content. It’s a day-planner. It’s a collection of artwork. It’s a reminder of the people who came before us and a vision of what might come. It’s an agitator designed to ruffle your feathers. It’s a year-long guide to personal growth (when used as directed). It’s an invitation to prayer. It’s a connector of people and organizations and ideas and projects. It’s a call to something more; to something greater!